About Me

Hi, I'm Alicia! Thank you so much for visiting my shop!


While Penny Jane Handmade is newer, this isn't my first go round. In October of 2019 I decided to leave my full time job as the assistant manager of a pretty cool museum store in a music venue, and put everything I had into the Etsy shop I'd been running for a while which was called Created by Alicia Ann.

I started doing this, taking part in quite a few vendor events and meeting my customers face to face, as well as other creative people like myself. It was awesome! The vending season ended in early December, and I hit the road with the band I sold merch for. We had a blast, until we got home and I was sick for 8 weeks. By the time I was better, the entire country was on lockdown and in full on Covid-19 pandemic mode. There went my first year as a business owner. 

Now it's 2 years later, I've come out of the haze that happens when you're stuck in your house for too long, and I'm really excited to be starting over with a new name and lots of new ideas. 

I've always loved to create things, especially with beads. Beaded wrap bracelets were my first big seller. My creations have evolved over time, and upcycled items are my favorite now, I love to take things that would otherwise be sent to a landfill and use them to create fun new, unique pieces.

Making things makes me happy, and being able to use my creative outlet and passion and turn it into a business is a dream come true!

I hope you find something you like here.  :)